November 4, 2021

A free online event focused on emerging and established vision and imaging products and technologies.

3D Imaging ● High-Speed Imaging/Inspection● Cameras/Camera Interfaces 
Lenses & Optics ● Image Sensors ● Edge & Embedded Applications ● Vision Guided Robotics

Deep learning/AI ● Hyperspectral/Multispectral/SWIR ● Lighting & Illumination



This event is produced by the Vision Systems Design content team

Chris McLoone, Editor-in-Chief of Vision Systems Design

Dennis Scimeca, Associate Editor of Vision Systems Design

Must-See Keynote:

November 4 @ 9:00 AM EST

"From the Illumination to the Cloud: New Technological Answers to (Unprecedented) Customer Needs"

If there has been anything good in the recent crisis, it was for the increased need of holistic manufacturing automation—from material handling over processing to inspection. This presentation provides insights in the relation between new technological advancements in vision, deep learning, cyber security, and cloud analytics for the optimization and flexibilization of manufacturing processes. With such advancements, new opportunities and new requests from customers arise, calling for holistic end-to-end solutions from the illumination to the cloud.

Ron Mueller

CEO of Vision Markets

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